Treasury Sets Aside 27.6% of Ksh.3.92 Trillion Budget for Education

The National Treasury has proposed a substantial allocation of Ksh.657 billion for the 2024/25 Financial Year.

Treasury Cabinet Secretary Prof. Njuguna Ndung’u made the announcement during the tabling of the 2024/25 Financial budget before Parliament.

“On improving Education outcomes the government continues to invest in education to create a level playing field for all Kenyan children. From this end I have proposed a total allocation of Ksh.657 billion to the education sector,” said Prof. Ndungu.

Ndung’u said a significant portion of the funds, totaling Ksh.358 billion, will be channeled to the Teachers Service Commission (TSC).

About Ksh.142 billion has been designated for basic education, while Ksh.128 billion is earmarked for higher education and research.

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Furthermore, technical and Vocational Training education is set to receive a notable allocation of Ksh.30.7 billion.

The allocation further includes Ksh.9.1 billion for Free Primary education, Ksh.61.9 billion for free day secondary education, Ksh.30.7 billion for Junior Secondary school capitation, and Ksh.5 billion for the examinations fee waiver.

Education is among the sectors that have scored big in the current fiscal year, earning a whopping 27.6 percent of the total government expenditure.

The second winner in the budget is the County government.

The Ksh.3.92 trillion budget, which represents the second budget of the Kenya Kwanza government, focuses on empowering the grassroots and driving inclusive growth.

Noteworthy allocations include Ksh.2.3 trillion for the National government and Ksh.400 billion for county governments.

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