Nairobi County Withdraws Finance Bill 2024 in Response to Anti-Tax Protests

Nairobi County Boss also gave the green light for Kenyans to use Uhuru Park in a planned concert to honour the fallen Kenyans during protests on Sunday

Nairobi County Governor Johnson Sakaja has announced the withdrawal of the Finance Bill 2024.

This decision comes in the wake of anti-tax protests that had gripped the nation, with similar actions taken by other counties like Makueni and Kiambu.

Governor Sakaja said the current Finance Bill will remain in force, to imply the absence of a new Finance Bill for the upcoming 2024/25 financial year in Nairobi County.

This move aligns with the swift decision-making prevalent in response to the sentiments expressed by the public.

The Finance Bill 2024, which initially sparked discontent due to the inclusion of controversial tax measures, saw nationwide demonstrations led by youthful Kenyans.

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These protests not only highlighted the concerns of the populace but also exerted enough pressure for President William Ruto to backtrack on the Bill ultimately.

Nairobi County Boss also gave the green light for Kenyans to use Uhuru Park in a planned concert on Sunday.

Kenyans have planned to pay homage to their fellow citizens who fell to the gunshot during the protests.

“The youth need to express themselves,” said Governor Sakaja.

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