Zoho Onboards MOMO Pencils For Education Support in Kenya

Zoho has partnered with MOMO Pencils, an eco-friendly stationery manufacturer in Nairobi, to launch the “Hope for Literacy” program in Kenya.

This initiative aims to combat inter-generational poverty by providing quality education to children from underserved communities.

Zoho will work with MOMO Pencils to grant access to quality education for disadvantaged children across the country.

“In Kenya, where millions of children face barriers to quality education due to poverty, the “Hope for Literacy program was established to bridge the literacy gap by supporting the education of 1 million school-going children from marginalized families,” says Mohamud Omar, MOMO Pencil Chief Executive.

The partnership focuses on raising awareness about environmental sustainability and fostering eco-conscious community development within schools.

Zoho, For the Benefit of School-Going Children

During the signing ceremony at Zoho’s Nairobi office, 25 students from Creative Minds, a primary school in Athi River, were introduced to the program.

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These young faces, filled with hope for a brighter future, learned about potential career prospects and the evolving world of work.

According to VeeraKumar Natrajan, Zoho Kenya’s Managing Director, their commitment extends beyond technology.

Veera says Zoho aligns itself with local communities, uplifts the underserved, and promotes responsible and sustainable development.

“In continuation of this commitment to supporting progress at the grassroots level, we are looking forward to working with MOMO Pencils to make a lasting and positive impact on society and the environment,” said Veera.

Zoho’s growth strategy, christened Transnational Localism, involves opening local offices and hiring local talent.

It also involves conducting upskilling initiatives and collaborating with regional bodies to empower local businesses through technology.

Eco-Friendly Pencil Across Schools

Both MOMO Pencil and Zoho will donate 25,000 wood-free pencils to 10 schools across Kenya.

They are also set to plant 1,000 tree saplings in Kenyan schools throughout the year.

Zoho will also provide life skills mentorship support to the students.

They both aim to make a lasting impact on society and the environment for a brighter future for Kenya’s youth.

MOMO Pencil Chief Executive Mohamud Omar said the company is working with like-minded partners across the country to alleviate the literacy gas in local communities across the country.

“Zoho has joined as a partner and we are walking this journey transforming Kenyan families, schools, and communities,” said Mahamud Omari, CEO, MOMO Pencils.

MOMO Pencils is a socially and environmentally responsible green manufacturing company in Nairobi, Kenya. making high-quality pencils from 100% recycled newspapers.

Zoho on boards MOMO Penchils for education support in Kenya
Veerakumar Natrajan Country Head Zoho Kenya and MOMO Pencil boss Mohamud Omar while interacting with school children at Zoho office in Nairobis Westlands
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