WEMAK Opposes NEMA Directive Mandating Biodegradable Garbage Bags

NEMA has set the new price for biodegradable bags at Ksh.80 from the current bags which cost Ksh.18 per piece.

The Waste and Environment Management Association of Kenya (WEMAK) has voiced strong opposition against the recent directive issued by the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA).

The directive mandates the use of biodegradable garbage bags, replacing traditional plastic waste collection bags known as ‘BLACK BIN BAGS’.

According to WEMAK, this move is costly and ineffective in addressing Kenya’s waste management challenges.

NEMA has set the new price for biodegradable bags at Ksh.80 from the current bags which cost Ksh.18 per piece.

Issues Raised by WEMAK

Representing waste service providers across the country, WEMAK acknowledged to the need for environmental protection but was concerned about several critical concerns regarding NEMA’s decision.

Foremost among these concerns is the lack of consultation with key stakeholders and the absence of a multi-sectoral approach in formulating the directive.

One of the major issues raised by WEMAK is the lack of adequate infrastructure to support the implementation of the new directive.

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They pointed out that essential systems such as waste segregation and recycling facilities are not sufficiently developed, despite repeated discussions and warnings from Waste Service Providers (WSPs).

Economically, WEMAK argued that the transition to biodegradable bags would significantly increase costs for consumers. They warned that this financial burden might prompt some individuals to resort to illegal dumping practices, exacerbating environmental problems rather than mitigating them.

WEMAK also warned of potential job losses within the waste management sector as a direct consequence of the ban on traditional plastic bags.

No Clear Guidelines

WEMAK criticized NEMA for failing to provide clear guidance on affordable and accessible alternatives to the traditional plastic bags.

They called on NEMA to engage in meaningful dialogue with all stakeholders, extend the compliance period, and invest in comprehensive waste management infrastructure across the country.

In their recommendations to NEMA, WEMAK proposed thorough assessments of biodegradable bag options to ensure their effectiveness and affordability.

They urged NEMA to incentivize the waste management sector and prioritize capacity building initiatives instead of enforcing bans.

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