State Sends Warning to Corrupt Deals in Housing as Authority Celebrates 70 Years

The National Housing Corporation (NHC) rebranded into a new look on May 27, 2024, even as corruption stood out as a pressing concern in delivering affordable houses to Kenyans.

NHC celebrated 70 years of dedicated service to accord affordable housing units to Kenyans since its establishment in 1953.

The commemoration took place at the Bomas of Kenya, with guests in attendance including the Head of Public Service and Chief of Staff Felix Koskei, Cabinet Secretary for Lands, Public Works and Urban Development – Alice Wahome, and Principal Secretary Charles Hinga.

Kenyans are contributing approximately Ksh.5.5 billion monthly towards the housing levy, as disclosed by Housing PS Hinga.

However, only Ksh.6.93 billion has been utilized for the development of affordable housing units since the enactment of the Affordable Housing Fund Act on March 19, 2024.

Under the Housing Levy Act, Kenyans are expected to pay between Ksh.840,000 and Ksh.5.76 billion for low-cost housing units.

Corruption, A Biting Concern

PS Koskei addressed corruption as a pressing issue that is most likely to plague the affordable housing sector in Kenya.

He said corruption poses a significant threat to the integrity of affordable housing projects.

Koskei cited concerns such as compromised construction quality and encroachments on riparian lands.

In his impassioned speech, he made it clear that the Kenya Kwanza government is unwavering to root out corrupt practices within the housing sector.

Key objectives in his address were the values of integrity, equity, innovation, research, sustainability, and customer-centricity in the allocation of housing units.

The government’s vision for affordable housing is encapsulated in a comprehensive five-year strategic plan set to begin in 2023.

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This strategic plan places paramount importance on eradicating corruption and ensuring that resources are channeled effectively towards the provision of quality housing for all Kenyans.

L R Yusuf Chanzu NHC Chairman Public Service and Chief of Staff Felix Koskei and CS Lands Alice Wahome at Bomas of Kenya

PS Koskei’s resolute message to perpetrators of corruption was unequivocal, urging all stakeholders to work with the state.

“The law will catch up with you. We will come for you,” said Koskei.

The nationwide rollout of the affordable housing program is currently active in 39 out of Kenya’s 47 counties.

Nairobi, in particular, is playing as a focal point in the drive to provide affordable housing, with plans in place for the construction of 64,000 housing units.

Each constituency in the county is designed to accommodate 200 units.

NHC 5-Year Strategic Plan

CS Lands Wahome outlined the key objectives of the five-year strategic plan, which include upgrading urban centers, increasing housing supply, and promoting homeownership.

The government aims to revitalize urban planning, foster community development by establishing essential amenities such as schools, health facilities, and recreational centers, and leverage innovation through technology to streamline housing delivery.

Principal Secretary Hinga said over 103,000 housing units are under construction across the country.

The government has revised its target for annual affordable housing units from 250,000 to 300,000.

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