Shelter Afrique Secures Grant from IsDBI to Develop Affordable Housing Products

Shelter Afrique and the Islamic Development Bank Institute have partnered to develop Islamic Housing Finance Products to meet the growing demand for affordable and climate-adaptive housing solutions.

Islamic Housing Finance Products will meet the growing demand for affordable and climate-adaptive housing solutions.

Shelter Afrique’s collaboration with IsDBI will create responsible investing products, leveraging African countries’ progress in Islamic finance markets for growth opportunities.

Shelter Afrique, a Pan-African Housing Finance Institution, aims to address Africa’s housing and urban development challenges by developing Islamic finance products as an alternative financing model.

Shelter-Afrique’s Managing Director, Thierno Habib-Hann, praised the strategic partnership with IsDBI, highlighting the use of rent to own schemes for addressing the housing gap and promoting green financing.

“We are thrilled to collaborate closely with IsDBI on this initiative. Rent-to-own schemes are natural products for Islamic finance and, hence will be leveraged to address the large housing gap. In addition, this collaboration aligns with our commitment towards a dedicated funding thematics dedicated to ‘Green financing and Islamic finance,” said Thierno.

Shelter Afrique, in partnership with IsDB, is enhancing its product offerings to meet diverse client needs and deliver affordable housing for all in Africa.

The partnership will promote inclusive and sustainable housing solutions in Africa. The Technical Assistance provided by IsDBI will equip Shelter Afrique with the necessary tools for urban development.

“We believe that through strategic collaborations like these, we can drive positive change and contribute to the continent’s socio-economic development,” said , Dr. Sami Al-Suwailem, Acting Director General of the Islamic Development Bank Institute.

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