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Senegal's New Leader Faye Calls for Rethinking Relationship with EU

Senegal’s new leader, Bassirou Diomaye Faye is now calling for a reevaluation of the country’s relationship with the European Union.

He made the call during a visit by European Council President Charles Michel.

Faye, who assumed office as president on April 2, 2024, ran on a platform of radical reform and a commitment to reclaiming national “sovereignty” over key industries.

During a joint press conference with Michel on Monday night, Faye stressed the need for a revamped partnership between Senegal and Europe.

With him, it is the hope that the global north can support the innovative direction in which he aims to steer their relations.

Faye’s Key Initiatives

One of Faye’s key initiatives involves the renegotiation of oil and gas contracts, as well as fishing agreements with the European Union.

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Fishing is a vital component of Senegal’s economy, but the industry is currently facing challenges due to the overexploitation of marine resources.

Faye outlined to Michel his government’s strategy of fostering internal development through investments in agriculture.

Besides, he also touched base on livestock and fishing.

He said any incoming partner of Senegal must also prioritizing the enhancement of infrastructure such as railways, electrical grids, telecommunications, and roads.

Faye expressed openness to European investors with expertise in these sectors.

Michel said Europe has a vested interest in supporting Senegal’s development, economic growth, and the improvement of living standards for its citizens.

He called for a more just and inclusive global order, reflecting the evolving dynamics of the contemporary world.

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