Samburu Residents to Benefit After UK Firm Marula Awarded Mining License

The main destinations of Manganese Ore exports from Kenya are China ($15.6M), India ($2.19M), Singapore ($112k), Sudan ($60.5k), and Rwanda ($9.85k)

Marula Mining has been awarded a mining license for its mining operation in Samburu, Kenya.

The UK-based firm has been awarded a Mineral Dealer’s Trading License under Kenya’s Mining Act No. 12 of 201.

This means that the company will have the rights to buy, sell and export manganese ores.

Marula Mining looks to complete its investment in the Larisoro Manganese Mine in Samburu County.

It will increase production of high-grade manganese ores and make sales into the export markets.

What the License Dictates

  • The license allows Marula Mining to buy, sell and export manganese ores in and from Kenya in accordance with the conditions set out in the Mining Act No. 12 of 2016 and the Mining Regulations 2017
  • License is valid until December 31, 2024 and annually renewable.
  • Manganese ores to be purchased by Marula under the License will initially include the planned increased volumes of manganese ore mined and processed from the Larisoro Manganese Mine
  • These purchased manganese ores are then proposed to be sold into the export markets by Marula under new offtake agreements
  • In addition, the License also permits Marula Mining to purchase manganese ores from other Kenyan-based mining companies, which will be undertaken as part of the Company’s broader strategy to position itself as one of the major companies in Kenya in the manganese sector

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“This is a significant milestone for us in Kenya as it allows us to move forward with our strategy in the manganese sector, not only at the Larisoro Manganese Mine but also at other prospective manganese mines and projects in Kenya. It also allows us to further cultivate and strengthen additional partnerships with the local mining sector and local communities,” said Jason Brewer, CEO of Marula Mining.

Kenya’s Manganese Export Volume

In 2022, Kenya exported $18M in Manganese Ore, making it the 14th largest exporter of Manganese Ore in the world.

At the same year, Manganese Ore was the 69th most exported product in Kenya.

The main destinations of Manganese Ore exports from Kenya are China ($15.6M), India ($2.19M), Singapore ($112k), Sudan ($60.5k), and Rwanda ($9.85k).

The fastest-growing export markets for Manganese Ore of Kenya between 2021 and 2022 were China ($8.7M), India ($1.74M), and Singapore ($100k).

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