President William Ruto Declines to Sign Finance Bill 2024 into Law over Unrest

In a surprising turn of events, President William Ruto has chosen to reject the controversial Finance Bill, 2024, as reported by The Star.

Instead of approving, he has decided to send the bill back to Parliament.

This decision by President Ruto comes hot on the heels of a tumultuous parliamentary session that saw the National Assembly granting permission for the deployment of the Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) within the country.

The primary aim of this move is to assist the National Police Service (NPS) in quelling the planned protests which have been termed “seven days of rage” by the youth in Kenya surrounding the contentious anti-tax laws.

The aftermath of these developments has exposed a sharp divide within the political landscape, with 195 Members of Parliament affiliated with the Kenya Kwanza administration voting in favor of the bill.

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In stark contrast, 106 legislators aligned with the Azimio faction opposed the proposed legislation.

The rejection of the Finance Bill by President Ruto is a setback for the government’s fiscal policies and has opened up a new chapter of uncertainty and discord.

As tensions continue to escalate on the streets, the decision to involve the KDF has only added fuel to the fire. The Azimio Principal, Kalonzo Musyoka, has condemned it.

Kalonzo called for the urgency for a peaceful resolution to the ongoing crisis.

The fate of the Finance Bill, the role of the KDF, and the broader implications for the country’s stability hang in the balance, casting a shadow of doubt over Kenya’s political class and the electorate who have vowed not to relent until the government listens to them.

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