President Ruto Announces New Security Strategies and Enhanced Education for Personnel

The Kenya government is implementing new strategies to handle growing security risks, according to President William Ruto.

In order to better equip security service personnel for the challenges of the contemporary world, Ruto said his administration is dedicated to improving their educational opportunities.

The investment will be directed towards enhancing the skills and knowledge of security personnel to handle the current security challenges.

Security agencies will employ theoretically sound, evidence-based, data-driven, and innovative problem-solving approaches.

“For a long time, the popular image of security or defence was of a sector that was not only deficient in education, but had no time for ideas and certainly averse to higher learning,” he added.

He delivered the remarks during the commencement of the National Defence University of Kenya’s inaugural graduation ceremony in Lanet, Nakuru County.

The President encouraged the graduates to elevate their skills by actively partnering with and seeking input from experts across diverse fields.

“This is how you build and sustain the capacity to prevail in the face of complex challenges,” he said.

 The President urged graduates to enhance their skills by collaborating with and collaborating with experts from various fields.

The Head of State noted that the government is implementing the Bottom Up Economic Transformation Agenda to empower citizens and prevent illegal practices that could lead to instability.

Extreme poverty and inequality often lead to the recruitment of frustrated young people into various forms of lawlessness.

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