Zimele Asset Management Unveils Digital Financial Solution for Chamas

Zimele Asset Management has introduced a digital solution for managing finances, offering members increased control and transparency, alongside attractive investment returns.

The Zimele ChamaManager platform, based on the Zimele Savings Plan in the Zimele Unit Trust, offers efficiency, flexibility, and transparency for all Chama members, allowing access to account statements and transaction alerts.

The launch coincides with Zimele Asset Management’s 25th-anniversary celebration, officiated by CMA Chief Executive Officer Wycliffe Shamiah, who commended the company for its innovative financial inclusion investment solutions.

Zimele Asset Management Joint CEO Isaac Njuguna announced the launch of a new product offering for Kenyan chamas, a group that plays a significant role in economic empowerment, marking another milestone in the company’s 25-year strategy.

CMA CEO Wycliffe Shamiah celebrated the 25-year journey of Zimbabwe Asset Managers, highlighting their dedication, growth, and success. Despite the challenging macro-economic environment, Kenya’s capital markets remain stable. Assets under management for collective investment schemes have grown by 220 percent over the last six years, reaching KES. 206.7 billion as of September 2023.

Chamas can open a Zimele Savings Plan account on the ChamaManager platform, manage it through mobile money or bank transfers, and initiate withdrawals or payments when making purchases or investments.

The platform enables Chama members to receive SMS alerts whenever they send contributions to their Chama’s account.

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