Kenyan Musicians Receive Long-Awaited Royalties for 2023

The Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) commenced the disbursement of 2023 royalties, a reprieve for Kenyan artists as they begin to see the fruits of their labor.

This long-awaited payout comes after years of artists campaigning for equitable compensation.

The event, where royalties were distributed, was attended by First Lady Rachel Ruto, who handed out cheques to the highest earners at a hotel in Nairobi.

During the event, she reiterated the government’s pledge to ensure that musicians are adequately rewarded for their work and encouraged them to continue creating quality music that resonates with audiences.

Artists were honored in a variety of categories, including legends, emerging artists, artists with disabilities, top national Gospel artists, and top national secular artists. This distribution event signifies a major stride in recognizing and compensating talent across diverse sectors of the music industry.

Ezekiel Mutua, the Chief Executive of MCSK, underscored the positive effects of the new royalty payment structures. The organization has set aside at least Ksh.20 million to be divided among its 16,000 members.

Mutua stressed the use of software to track the frequency of song broadcasts, ensuring that royalties are distributed fairly based on actual usage.

Mutua urged music consumers in the country to comply with copyright and licensing agreements, emphasizing the importance of supporting artists.

This initiative is in line with the ongoing efforts to establish a sustainable and fair music industry where artists are adequately compensated for their creative input.

It follows MCSK’s previous commitment to artists about the Kenyan government’s pledge to distribute a significant Ksh.20 million to 16,000 Kenyan musicians starting January 25, 2024.

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Collins Ogutu

Nairobi based Digital Journalist, Corporate Communication Expert and Digital Marketer with a wealth of experience in multimedia. Accredited member of the Media Council of Kenya.


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