Kenyan Artists Demand Ksh.2 Billion from Media Houses

Kenya’s music scene is bleeding as a report indicates media houses are in arrears with over Ksh.2 billion owed to artists.

This is according to a statement from the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK), with Ezekiel Mutua sighting a major concern over copyright compliance.

A case in point is the national broadcaster – Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC), which owes artists Ksh.300 million.

“There’s over Ksh.2 billion owed by broadcasters, with the National broadcaster KBC owing over Ksh.300 million.

If there was more compliance, artists would be getting more money from MCSK,” said Mutua.

Failure by the broadcasters to remit dues to artists underscores systemic issues within the entertainment industry in Kenya.

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MCSK boss Mutua has called for fair treatment of artists. He said there is need for enhanced copyright compliance among users of copyrighted musical works.

He urged for timely payment of royalties to ensure that artists receive the compensation they rightfully deserve.

The latest payments Kenyan musicians received from the government were in late 2023.

Much work remains to be done to ensure that artists are adequately rewarded for their contributions to Kenya’s vibrant music scene.

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Collins Ogutu

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