Kenyan Innovators to Enjoy Zoho Wallet Credit of Up to Ksh.100,000

Zoho Kenya has inked a deal with J-HUB Africa to support entrepreneurs and innovators in the country.

The company is targeting university students from the Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology (JKUAT), a powerhouse of tech innovators in Kenya.

J-HUB Africa is a digital innovation hub which supports budding innovators and entrepreneurs at JKUAT.

Innovators will be recruited through J-HUB in a carefully selected procedure before they get adopted by Zoho.

As part of the partnership with J-Hub Africa, Zoho will support individuals and startups associated with the hub, by providing them Zoho Wallet Credits up to Ksh.100,000.

“Our partnership with J-HUB promotes technology adoption among young innovators and early stage startups.

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“It will also provide upskilling for students who are about to join the workforce,” said Veera.

Zoho will provide training to JKUAT students from  technology streams on how to leverage cloud-based business tech to gain a competitive advantage.

This will include training on Zoho Creator, a low code platform that can help them create custom apps for various business needs, Zoho CRM, customer relationship management platform for managing sales and marketing.

It will also provide training on Zoho Books – to help companies manage their finances while staying compliant with the TIMS and VAT regulations.

“This alliance opens a pathway for our IT division students to gain technical skills in the context of various business functions,” said Dr. Lawrence Nderu, Chairman of the Department of Computing at JKUAT.

Zoho Wallet Credit has no credit risks involved, but a support package within the system for innovators to boost their business.

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