Zoho Launches New App Targeting Accountants

Zoho has introduced Zoho Practice, an accountant-focused practice management solution, and enhanced the functionality of its Zoho Finance Platform with over 230 extensions and a developer portal.

Zoho Finance Platform in Kenya saw a 102% increase in new clients, driven by Zoho Books, its VAT-compliant accounting software.

Zoho Kenya also has launched VAT-compliant editions of Zoho Books, Invoice, and Inventory, aiming to tailor applications to Kenyan businesses’ needs. Zoho Practice streamlines accountants’ operations, saving time for exceptional client experience, according to Country Head Veerakumar Natarajan.

“With the launch of Zoho Practice, we aim to help accountants streamline their firm’s day-to-day operations, thereby saving them time so that they can focus more on providing exceptional client experience,” said Veerakumar Natarajan, Country Head, Zoho Kenya.

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Veerakumar Natarajan Zohos Country Manager Kenya

Continued Growth of Zoho Finance Platform

Over the course of fifteen years, the Zoho Finance Platform has developed from a single invoicing product to a comprehensive finance and operations suite. It developed into a full platform with a quickly expanding ecosystem with the addition of a diverse range of integration partners, system integrators, implementation partners, and accounting partners.

In the MEA region, the number of new users on the Finance Platform increased by 50%. Additionally, last year saw a 63% increase in its global accounting partner network.

The company has an enterprise-grade Developer Portal, allowing developers to customize finance applications, automate processes, and publish extensions on Zoho Marketplace.

The portal allows businesses to create their own extensions and utilize them within their organizations.

Zoho Practice, a Modern Solution for Accountants

Accountants are expected to offer bespoke services beyond traditional accounting, providing clients with insights on reducing spending, identifying revenue sources, and accelerating growth, while managing their own operations.

Zoho Practice is a comprehensive accountants’ solution that offers a range of features including client management, document management, task management, timesheet management, and billing.

The application provides advanced collaboration, document sharing, and AI-driven anomaly detection for distributed firms, enabling quick resolution of inconsistencies in client transactions.

The practice management solution integrates Zoho Books and Zoho Expense, offering a central repository and seamless interoperability between accountants and clients, enabling growth and value-added services.

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