Italy Unveils $5.9 Billion for Migration Control from Africa

Italy has unveiled a $5.95 billion in what it calls “Mattei plan” to prevent Africans migrating to Europe – a mess that has claimed over 2,500 lives, according to the United Nations.

The package will bolster economic links between Africa and Europe as a means to create an energy hub for Europe.

The plan is named after the founder of Italy’s national oil and gas company Enrico Mattei.

The Mattei Plan covers five sectors including education and training, health, energy, water and agriculture.

Italy announced the deal when its prime Minister Georgia Meloni met with Africa Development Bank (AfDB) President Dr. Akinwumi Adesina.

The two met after the Africa-Itally Summit in Rome which was attended by 25 Africa Heads of State.

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The HIghs 5s Strategic Plan

Dr. Adesina said “the Mattei Plan fits into the priorities of the Bank,” known as the High 5s.

The High 5s are to Light up and Power Africa; Feed Africa; Industrialize Africa; Integrate Africa; and Improve the Quality of Life for the People of Africa.

They were set up by Dr. Adesin on September 1, 2025 under the bank’s 2013-2022 Strategy.

“You can count on the African Development Bank as your partner of choice,” Dr. Adesina told Meloni.

Meloni said she looked forward to building an alliance with Africa and that “the role of the African Development Bank is useful.”

Dr. Adesina told the Italian prime minister about the Bank’s initiatives to transform the development of the African continent.

Part of its work is on accelerating the drive to achieve food security through its Technologies for African Agricultural Transformation (TAAT) programme.

The programme has so far benefited more than 13 million farmers across Africa.

Ethiopia is the main beneficiary of the programme.

It used to import wheat, and has become self-sufficient and a net exporter of the product.

In January 2023, AfDB mobilised $72 billion to implement food and agricultural delivery compacts by over 41 African countries.

The bank’s support portfolio throughout the continent also includes $1 billion in support to 4,000 tertiary education and training facilities and close to 1.7 million African youths with access to education in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics-related education.

Italy’s Interest in Clean Energy on the Continent

The financier is currently mobilising $5 billion in financing for the businesses of women on the continent.

This is anchored on the bank’s African Development Bank’s Affirmative Finance Action for Women in Africa (AFAWA) programme in which Italy is a member.

As of last year, the bank had disbursed $1.2 billion to women’s businesses.

Italy has also shown interest in championing for AfDB-led effort to provide clean cooking equipment to 250 million women in Africa by 2030.

“We will work with you on food security, clean cooking energy and other initiatives,” said Meloni.

Africa requires $4 billion a year to meet that target and the Bank has so far committed 20% of its energy financing to clean cooking.

This requires that African governments direct at least 5% of the current $70 billion energy investments annually, into the provision of clean cooking solutions – according to the Bank.

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