How Kenya Will Benefit as a non-NATO Ally

U.S. President Joe Biden is expected to designate Kenya as a key non-NATO ally, coming on top of the heel of the strengthened ties between the two states.

This was disclosed on the sidelines of Ruto’s five-day state visit to Washington DC.

So far, there are 19 non-NATO allies, the latest among them being Qatar which joined the league in March 2024.

What it Means to Become non-NATO Ally

According to the US Department of State – major Non-NATO Ally (MNNA) status is a designation under U.S. law that provides foreign partners with certain benefits in the areas of defense trade and security cooperation.

How Kenya Will Benefit as non-NATO Ally
President William Ruto is welcomed by teh US President Joe Biden in Washington DC

The Major Non-NATO Ally designation is a powerful symbol of the close relationship the US shares with those countries.

“It demonstrates our deep respect for the friendship for the countries to which it is extended. While MNNA status provides military and economic privileges, it does not entail any security commitments to the designated country,” states in part the website of the U.S Department of State.

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Privileges Kenya Will Enjoy as non-NATO Ally Under Foreign Relations and Intercourse

Should Biden confirm Kenya as a major non-NATO ally – it will be eligible for;

  • Loans of material, supplies, or equipment for cooperative research, development, testing, or evaluation purposes.
  • Eligible as a location for U.S.-owned War Reserve Stockpiles to be placed on its territory outside of U.S. military facilities.
  • Can enter into agreements with the United States for the cooperative furnishing of training on a bilateral or multilateral basis, if the financial arrangements are reciprocal and provide for reimbursement of all U.S. direct costs.
  • Eligible, to the maximum extent feasible, for priority delivery of Excess Defense Articles transferred under section 516 of the Foreign Assistance Act (if located on the southern or south-eastern flank of NATO).
  • Eligible for consideration to purchase depleted uranium ammunition.

How US Will Benefit from Kenya as a non-NATO Ally

The US will be eligible to enter into an MOU or other formal agreement with the U.S. Department of Defense for the purpose of conducting cooperative research and development projects on defense equipment and munitions.

  • Allows firms of a MNNA, as with NATO countries, to bid on contracts for maintenance, repair or overhaul of U.S. Department of Defense equipment outside the United States.
  • Allows funding to procure explosives detection devices and other counter-terrorism research and development projects under the auspices of the Department of State’s Technical Support Working Group.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was founded in 1949 and is a group of 32 countries from Europe and North America that exists to protect the people and territory of its members.

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