How Bamburi Cement Plans to Save Ksh.400 Million Annually

Bamburi Cement expects to save Ksh.400 million every year after completing its two solar plants in Nairobi and Mombasa.

Bamburi is among the top cement producers in East Africa and is partly owned by Kenyan tycoon Baloobhai Patel.

Jane Wangari announced the plan during the third economic and sustainability engagement forum organized by DTB in Nairobi.

Wangari is the director of sustainability and geocycle at Bamburi Cement.

This initiative is informed by the stress to speed up the positive impact on the environment and the huge financial benefits for the company.

According to Wangari, this would be achieved through the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

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MomNai Energy and Bamburi Cement’s $2.57 Million Deal

“It is a PPA, meaning we do not have to invest any money, and we will be saving about Ksh.400 million ($2.57 million) on power every year.” Said Wangari.

The deal, signed with MomNai Energy Limited, enabled the construction of two solar plants next to Bamburi Cement’s Mombasa and Nairobi factories.

The solar plant in Mombasa has 14.5 megawatts and the one in Nairobi has five megawatts.

They are expected to meet around 30 percent of Bamburi Cement’s annual power demand.

Who is Patel?

Bamburi Cement is one of the leading cement companies in East Africa.

The company’s large Mombasa cement plant, one of the biggest in Sub-Saharan Africa, is championing innovation by providing sustainable construction products and solutions using advanced technologies.

Patel owns a 4.12-percent stake in Bamburi Cement through his private investment firm, Aksaya Investment.

His investments are also entities such as financial services provider Sanlam and industrial gases giant Carbacid.

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