US Gives Kenyan Police $7 Million for Organised Crimes

The U.S. government has pledged $7 million (approximately Ksh.900 million) to support Kenya’s National Police Service (NPS).

The funding is part of a series of agreements reached during President William Ruto’s state visit to the U.S.

US President Joe Biden also pledged $4.9 million (approximately Ksh.650 million) to help Kenya combat transnational organised crime.

The new funding is both for Kenya and other East African states.

The forces will use the funds to improve collaboration and fighting criminal networks in the region.

“Funding also supports capacity building and reform efforts within the Kenyan police and justice sectors,” the White House said in a fact sheet to Newsrooms on Thursday.

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“Recognizing the regional role Kenya plays in combating transnational organized crime, the United States intends to provide $4.9 million in new funding for Kenya and other East African countries to improve cooperation and coordination in combating criminal networks and holding criminals accountable.”

Other Benefits for Kenyan Forces

The US also granted Kenya 16 helicopters including eight Hueys.

The airbirds will be used to support regional peace and security.

Biden also provided eight MD-500s to increase Kenya’s participation in peacekeeping missions.

According to the White House, the aircraft are scheduled to arrive in Nairobi between late 2024 and 2025.

In addition to the police funding, Kenya secured a $3.6 billion deal with Everstrong Capital LLC to construct an expressway linking Nairobi and Mombasa.

Another major agreement involves a $1 billion investment in a new data center in Kenya, aimed at expanding cloud-computing services in East Africa.

These developments were announced during President Ruto’s five-day visit to Washington D.C., reflecting the deepening partnership between Kenya and the United States.

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