Umba Bank to Offer Car Finance in Deal with Peach Cars at 70%

Peach Cars has joined forces with Umba Microfinance Bank to introduce a groundbreaking 24-hour car financing option for customers.

Peach Cars is among the players in the Kenyan used car market, with the deal set to make cars easily available and accessible to Kenyans of all cadre at affordable terms.

“We intend to provide fast and dependable financing solutions tailored to our customers’ needs.

Whether it’s owning a car or saving for the future, our objective is to empower Kenyans to achieve their financial goals swiftly and confidently,” said Tiernan Kennedy, Umba Microfinance Bank CEO.

Improving Access to Hassle-Free Financing

The deal will offer car buyers swift and hassle-free access to financing solutions.

Umba Microfinance Bank customers will secure financing of up to 70% of the vehicle’s value, with processing times as rapid as 24 hours.

Umba Bank seeks to drive away the traditional barriers associated that have for so long, hindered Kenyans from owning cars.

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Simplified Process, Seamless Experience

The process of obtaining financing through Peach Cars and Umba Microfinance Bank is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly:

  1. Browse and Select: Customers can explore the extensive range of quality-tested, used cars available on the Peach Cars website, selecting the vehicle that best suits their preferences and needs.
  2. Document Submission: Upon choosing a car, customers submit their identification and other relevant documents through the Peach Cars platform. These details are securely transmitted to Umba for swift processing.
  3. Fast Approval: Umba Microfinance Bank expedites the financing application process, aiming to provide approval within 24 hours. This rapid turnaround ensures that buyers can proceed with their purchase without undue delays.
  4. Drive Away Hassle-Free: Upon approval, customers can confidently drive away in their newly acquired vehicle, knowing that the financing process has been seamlessly facilitated by Peach Cars and Umba Microfinance Bank.

Empowering Customers to Shift into Gear

Zach Petroni, Co-founder and COO of Peach Cars, “it (the partnership) perfectly aligns with our commitment to empower buyers and sellers in the Kenyan used car market.

Through accessible and reliable car financing options, we are empowering our customers with more options to realize their dream of owning a car with confidence.”

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