Twiga Foods, Incentro Africa Resolve Dispute, Renew Partnership

Twiga Foods and Incentro Africa have announced the renewal and strengthening of their partnership after successfully resolving a dispute. This comes after a statutory demand issued by Incentro Africa in September 2023 on Twiga Foods, which was prompted by management changes and a recent investment led by Cready and Juven in December 2023.

Dennis de Weerd, CEO of Incentro Africa, expressed his appreciation for the resolution, and commended Twiga’s Chief Financial Officer, Zuber Momoniat, for his commitment and decisiveness, citing their efforts as instrumental in revitalizing the partnership.

“Following the resolution of the dispute, both Twiga Foods and Incentro Africa are optimistic about their future collaboration through renewed partnership, not only as a significant step towards resolving past challenges but also a strong foundation for future growth and success,” said de Weerd in a statement.

Twiga Foods, an agritech firm, acknowledged the challenges faced in 2023 and expressed regret for the difficulties that arose, placing both companies in a challenging position.

In October of the same year, Twiga Foods successfully blocked attempts by cloud services provider Incentro Africa Ltd to liquidate it over an alleged debt of Ksh.39 million.

The dispute arose after Twiga Foods protested the billing account’s structure and management directly to Google Ireland, the ultimate provider of the cloud services. Twiga argued that the liquidation petition was motivated by ulterior motives and was filed in retaliation. The cloud services agreement, allegedly amended through an undated Google addendum, was executed between Incentro Africa BV and Twiga.

However, Twiga contended that the addendum is invalid and unenforceable as Incentro Africa BV is a distinct and separate legal entity from Incentro Africa Ltd.

Twiga Foods, known for its business-to-business marketplace platform, sources produce directly from farmers and delivers it to urban retailers through a mobile-based cashless supply platform. The agritech firm aims to enhance distribution to millions of small and medium-sized vendors in urban markets.

The successful resolution and ongoing renegotiation with Google Cloud Services are seen as crucial steps to align with the current business environment and foster a more positive and collaborative partnership between Twiga Foods and Incentro Africa.

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