Treasury announces Ksh.15 billion tap sale on a 3-year bond

The National Treasury has put on offer a tap sales on a three-year bond, seeking to raise Ksh.15 billion.

The sale announced Wednesday, will run for three days ending June 26, 2023.

When the 3-year bond was offered in mid-May, it was for Ksh.20 billion.

Perhaps encouraged that investors had finally agreed to come to the party at 14.26 percent, the Treasury accepted Ksh.20.74 billion on May 15, 2023.

The following week they opened the tap, picking up Ksh.10.6 billion in tap sales on May 22, 2023.

They were at it again the following week, accepting Ksh.27.2 billion on May 29, 2023, making the total Ksh.58.54 billion in May.

The same bond Is on offer for a further tap sale this week, seeking to raise Ksh.15 billion.

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