Parliament tables Ksh.100,000 prize for winner in naming its new office; how to apply

The Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) is seeking to name its newly erected storey building in Nairobi’s Central Business District (CBD) through a naming competition.

In what can be termed as a public participation exercise as required by the Constitution, PSC is engaging Kenyans to come up with a substantive name for the building and has tabled Ksh.100,000 prize for the winner.

 “The PSC has identified the need to name the building in line with the constitutional mandate of Parliament. The Commission has determined and resolved that this can be achieved through a naming contest,” said PSC in a notice.

The building is currently named “Parliament Tower”.

Below are the eight specifications the Commission has set for the naming exercise;

1. The building cannot be named after an active person. A person must be full emeritus status (or deceased)

2. The name must be catchy, reflect constitutional values, the Parliamentary Service Commission stature and its legislative role.

. If the name of a person is selected as the winning building name, the name/person will need to go through a due diligence process and seek legal approval for permission to use prior to Commission approval.

4. The name should not be under copyright, trademark, or other legal restriction. 5. Any submissions deemed as vulgar, unprofessional, disingenuous, or otherwise maliciously motivated will be disqualified in Phase I before they are shared for Phase II.

5. All intellectual property rights to the name shall vest in the Parliamentary Service Commission once the competition is over and the winner is identified and awarded.

How to apply

Interested parties can get application details on the Parliament website http://www.parliament.go.ke/downloads  with the deadline set for June 20, 2022, at 11 am.

The Kenyan government has recently shown interest in engaging Kenyans to showcase their talents, with PSC’s contest being the second incident in under a year.

On March 29, the Mathari  National Teaching and Referral Hospital announced a Ksh.150,000 logo design competition as part of its rebranding strategy.

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