Nairobi Hosts 2024 NADPA Conference on Data Protection in Africa

Kenya’s Office of Data Protection Commissioner (ODPC) officially opened the 2024 Network of Africa Data Protection Authorities (NADPA) Conference in Nairobi aimed at supporting data protection initiatives and fostering African integration.

The ODPC boss Immaculate Kassit opened the conference which was graced by among other dignitaries – Kenya’s head of State – Dr. William Ruto.

In its two-day conference themed “Promoting Regional Data Governance for Digital Transformation,” ODPC is stressing the importance of networking, knowledge exchange, and exploring innovative ideas in Africa’s digital evolution.

Cross-border Data Governance

The May 7 discussions revolved around crucial topics such as cross-border data governance, ensuring a secure digital environment for children, leveraging Privacy-Enhancing Technologies (PET) for enhanced privacy and security.

It also touched on the challenges faced by data protection authorities, and the future of data governance in Africa amidst technological advancements like AI, blockchain, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The conference featured eight-panel discussions, training sessions, and a hackathon focusing on data privacy.

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Also in attendance was the Principal Secretary, State Department for ICT and the Digital Economy, Eng. John Tanui who took the stage to engage with industry experts, share experiences, and cultivate professional relationships, showcasing best practices in data governance.

Kenya’s Membership in NADPA

The first day of the 2024 Network of Africa Data Protection Authorities Conference served as a platform for sharing knowledge and advancing data governance practices in the digital era.

The event exemplified Africa’s commitment to promoting data protection, privacy, and security in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

The Office of the Data Protection Commissioner has been promoting international cooperation on data protection and ensuring compliance with global data protection standards.

Kenya’s membership in the NADPA is to enhance collaboration among African nations in safeguarding personal data and fostering data governance frameworks.

Nairobi Hosts 2024 NADPA Conference on Data Protection in Africa
L R Eng John Tanui PS ICT and the Digital Economy CJ Martha Koome and ODPC Commissioner Immaculate Kassait
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