Mpesa Foundation hands over health centre to Murang’a residents

Residents of Gatunguru area in Murang’a will now access health services closer to them after Mpesa Foundation completed and handed over a health centre that had stalled for many years.

The Foundation used Ksh.9. 2 million to complete and equip the health centre after locals approached Safaricom to seek help for the facility.

Locals who some decades ago mobilized resources to construct a dispensary faced a myriad of challenges leading to the stalling of the project at various stages.

On Friday, Mpesa Foundation chairman Micheal Joseph flanked by a section of local leaders commissioned the health centre which was constructed near Gatunguru Tea factory to offer health services to residents who were used to seeking medication from facilities which are located far from their areas.

Joseph revealed that he was approached by a section of locals seeking help to complete the health centre.

“Safaricom committed some money which has led to complete and equip the facility; and now it is ready to serve the locals once the county government deploys medical personnel to the centre,” he said.

The chairman added that the Foundation has been spending millions of shillings countrywide towards improving the living standards of the people through investing in health, education among other noble programmes of giving back to the community.

A local resident, Mzee Ikua Gioche remembered how the locals struggled to put the facility up to ease the hustle of traveling to Murang’a town which is more than 40 kilometres away to seek medication.

Ikua said it had been a struggle after the locals were divided on the proposed land for construction of the hospital in an area that had been reserved for a cattle dip.

“A series of fund-raising functions were held as the project stalled before the defunct county council of Murang’a through the local authorities reverted an allocation of Sh400,000 for the project in 2011,” said Ikua.

He added that handing over of the project for the use by the community has been a milestone as he lauded the efforts made by the development partners including the village elite.

Mathioya MP Peter Kimari said during the tenure of his predecessor Clement Wambugu NG-CDF had allocated Ksh.6 million, before health was declared a devolved function.

“It has been my wish to support the completion of the programme but it was declared to be a function of Murang’a County Government and NG- CDF directed to only deal with the function of the national government,” said Kimari.

Murang’a MP Sabina Chege and County Health and Sanitation Executive Joseph Mbai lauded efforts made by the Foundation in the transformation of the people’s lives through providing technical and financial support.

Chege said the partnership has seen residents of Gatunguru walking short distances to get quality health care.

“Murang’a residents are delighted over the continued support we have received from the M-Pesa and Safaricom Foundations worth millions of shillings in matters related to education and health care programmes,” said Chege.

Mbai lauded the Foundation for the support in completion of the facility saying needed members of staff will soon be deployed to offer services.

The health centre, Mbai said will play a key role this time the country is faced by covid-19 pandemic as it will offer vaccination against coronavirus.

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