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List of Institutions Sanctioned By UK For Funding Sudan War

A year after the outbreak of conflict in Sudan, the UK has imposed new sanctions on businesses linked with financing the warring parties.

Strict measures will impose an asset freeze on companies linked to the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) and will limit their financial freedom.

“The businesses that support the warring parties must be held to account, alongside those responsible for human rights abuses.  The world must not forget about Sudan. We urgently need to end the violence,” said Foreign Secretary and former UK Prime Minister, David Cameron.

Some of the Companies Sanctioned

  1. Alkhaleej Bank – a financial institution which has been key to the RSF financing its operations and to it controlling key elements of the Sudanese economy.
  2. Al-Fakher Advanced Works – a holding company used by the RSF to export gold. The proceeds of these sales are used to purchase weapons to allow the RSF to continue fighting.
  3. Red Rock Mining – a mining and exploration company which is a subsidiary of Sudan Master Technology, which the UK has already designated and provides funds to the SAF. It is also closely linked to Defence Industries System, the economic and manufacturing arm of the SAF, which we designated last July.

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The conflict in Sudan has caused more than 8.6 million people to flee their homes, with over 6.6 million displaced within Sudan itself – the world’s worst displacement crisis.

25 million people in Sudan need assistance, and the country is on the verge of a catastrophic hunger crisis.

UN Issues Starn Warning

The UN has formally warned of the risk of famine this year, with 18 million currently facing hunger.

In March this year, the UK committed a £89 million package of support for Sudan for humanitarian aid.

It included funding to UNICEF which will provide emergency and life-saving food assistance to support people, particularly those in hard-to reach areas in Sudan, including nutrition, water and hygiene services for 500,000 children under five.

It will also support survivors of gender-based violence.

This senseless and brutal war has devastated lives. A year on since the outbreak of fighting, we continue to see appalling atrocities against civilians, unacceptable restrictions on humanitarian access and an utter disregard for civilian life.

On April 15, Lord Benyon took part in an International Humanitarian Conference for Sudan, where he reaffirmed the UK’s near-doubling of Official Development Assistance (ODA) for Sudan to £89 million this financial year.

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