Last Week T-Bills Down to 108% to Ksh.26 Billion on Prefered Short-Term Papers

During the week, T-bills were oversubscribed, with the overall oversubscription rate coming in at 108.7%, lower than the oversubscription rate of 192.8% recorded the previous week.

Investors’ preference for the shorter 91-day paper persisted, with the paper receiving bids worth Ksh.6 billion against the offered Ksh.4 billion, translating to an oversubscription rate of 150.1%, significantly lower than the oversubscription rate of 410.4% recorded the previous week.

The subscription rates for the 182-day paper and 364-day paper decreased to 78.1% and 122.7% respectively from 105.6% and 192.9% respectively recorded the previous week.

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The government accepted a total of Ksh.26 billion worth of bids out of Ksh.26.1 billion of bids received, translating to an acceptance rate of 99.6%.

The yields on the government papers recorded mixed performances, with the yield on the 91-day paper increasing by 7.0 bps to 15.80% from the 15.73% recorded the previous week.

Yields on the 364-day and 182-day papers decreased by 2.3 bps and 40.2 bps to 16.51% and 16.47% from 16.53% and 16.87% respectively recorded the previous week.

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