KRA Forgives Ksh.209 Billion in Penalty for Kenyan Taxpayers

Over 200,000 taxpayers have benefited from a tax amnesty program, amounting to Ksh.209 billion in waived penalties.

The waiver programme includes interest resulting in substantial benefits for the revenue collection.

According to the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) the taxpayers have contributed Ksh.14.5 billion in principal taxes under the programme.

In a statement on Tuesday, the taxman reminded taxpayers with outstanding principal taxes to seize the opportunity presented by the amnesty programme.

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Those who have not yet filed their returns for the amnesty period have been challenged to do so to avoid penalties.

“Tax payers who have not filed their returns for the amnesty period are urged to file their returns to benefit from the Amnesty Programme.”

Taxpayers involved in ongoing tax disputes have also been challenged to expedite the resolution of their cases within the amnesty period.

Out-of-court settlements are being encouraged through the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) framework to facilitate a swift resolution process.

“We also encourage taxpayers with ongoing tax disputes to expedite resolution of their cases within the amnesty period by considering out-of-court settlements through the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) framework.”

“This will enable them take advantage of the ongoing tax amnesty, noting that the provisions on waiver of penalties and interest and on abandonment of taxes, were repealed by the Finance Act, 2023.”

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