Kimani Kuria: How I received Ksh.186,000 From Angry Kenyans

Kimani Kuria, Member of Parliament and Chairman of the Finance Committee revealed he received a total of Ksh.186,000 from  Kenyans when his phone number was shared online in response to opposition to the controversial Finance Bill, 2024.

During the National Assembly session on Wednesday morning, where he presented the Bill for the second reading, Kuria mentioned that contributions came in as little as Ksh.2 and Ksh.1 from concerned citizens.

According to Kuria, these contributions were a way for Kenyans to confirm the legitimacy of the phone numbers shared online, emphasizing the engagement of the public in the legislative process.

He humorously expressed his dilemma on handling such small amounts.

Please Help Me Mr. Speaker

He asked National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetangula to advise him on “what to do with these monies because it’s challenging for me to return Ksh.2 to anyone who sent it.”

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The Finance Bill has stirred discontent among Kenyans who perceive it as burdensome and detrimental to their livelihoods.

A demonstration took place in Nairobi’s CBD on Tuesday as a form of protest against the Bill.

Motor Vehicle Tax

Many demonstrators urged their respective MPs to reject the Bill, reflecting the widespread dissatisfaction with the proposed legislation.

The protests were sparked by a Kenya Kwanza Parliamentary Group Meeting that decided to eliminate certain taxes from the Bill, including the 2.5% Motor Vehicle Tax and the 16% VAT on bread, in response to public outcry and pressure.

“It’s not enough, take down the whole of it,” said irked Kenyans as they matched through the streets.

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