Kenya Contacts TikTok Over Data Infringement, Threat Among Minors

Kenya has initiated formal communication with the popular video-sharing platform TikTok and its parent company ByteDance.

This is in line with concerns among Kenyans over the misuse of content on the platform.

Kenya is keen to ensure internet compliance and data privacy as it enforces rules and regulations governing internet usage and safeguarding personal data.

Reports indicate a troubling pattern of content abuse, including the widespread dissemination of sexually explicit material and the exposure of minors to inappropriate content.

Financial Loses on TikTok

Besides an impact on vulnerable demographics, there’s been a surge in user complaints over financial losses incurred due to fraudulent schemes.

Kenyans have also fallen prey to criminals peddling illusory forex trading advantages and fictitious job offers.

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The issue of identity theft also looms large, with numerous instances of account hijacking adding to the public’s distress.

Government Assurance Among Kenyans

Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki appeared before the National Assembly Committee on Petitions to shed light on Kenya’s stand on regulating the video-sharing platform.

According to CS Kindiki, Kenya is a proactive approach to demanding transparency from TikTok.

“The focus is on assessing the platform’s content filtering efficacy, the robustness of its age verification processes, and its adherence to the Data Protection Act, 2019,” said CS Kindiki.

Kenya is keen on creating a safer online environment as it emphasizes accountability among digital platforms.

The country aspires to establish a secure cyberspace where privacy is respected and internet regulations are meticulously upheld.

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