Kenya, China to cooperate for joint film production

Kenya and China signed a new agreement to collaborate in film development through co-production to boost the economy and job creation between the two countries.

The agreement signed Monday by the Ministry of Youth Affairs, the Arts and Sports  Cabinet Secretary  Ababu Namwamba, is set to bring together the brightest minds and talents in the film industry from both nations.

“I would like to express my gratitude to the Chinese government for choosing Kenya as a partner. Kenya is ready for film business and we will be a worthy partner in this endeavor. Furthermore, as we explore the avenues of cooperation, we must appreciate the importance of nurturing our youth as our ambassadors, their involvement in the film and creative industry will sharpen their skills and knowledge,” said CS Namwamba.

“We must invest in their potential by providing them with tools and opportunities to shine at the global stage,” he added.

In addition, the film industry has been seen as a catalyst for economic growth, job creation, stimulating tourism, and contributing significantly to the GDP of any country.

Furthermore, the MOU will also ease the way of producing exceptional films that captivate audiences worldwide by bringing together filmmakers, producers, and technicians.

On his part, Chinese counterpart, Minister of Culture and Arts, Hu Heping said the inking of the deal will offer audiences a unique insight into the lives, dreams, and aspirations of citizens of the two nations.

“By telling our stories authentically, we bridge gaps and find common ground, promoting peace, tolerance, and unity in the world,” Hu said.

Timothy Owase, Chief Executive  Kenya Film Commission noted that “The film industry provides an avenue for nations to showcase their diverse cultures, traditions and values. By working jointly and promoting collaboration between Kenya and China, we can create a profound impact on our respective societies and the global film industry”

KFC aims to grow the sustainability of the film industry by strengthening existing institutional frameworks locally and internationally and increasing the production of films in Kenya through the active involvement of stakeholders across the board.

The stakeholders in the creative industry lauded the move saying that it will strengthen cultural exchange and expand cooperation in the creative sector between China and the East African country.

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Collins Ogutu

Nairobi based Digital Journalist, Corporate Communication Expert and Digital Marketer with a wealth of experience in multimedia. Accredited member of the Media Council of Kenya.
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