Court blocks Worldcoin from collecting data from Kenyans

Keep off Kenyans, Worldcoin told

The High Court in Kenya has directed Worldcoin to preserve the data it collected from Kenyans between April 19 and August 8, 2023, pending the conclusion of an investigation by the State agency.

Justice Prof Nixon Sifuna further ordered the crypto to cease collecting data from Kenyans, based on a case which was filed by office of the Data Protection Commissioner.

“That an order be and is hereby issued directing the respondents and its agents, representatives and employees, to preserve all data and sensitive personal data collected from Kenyans and Kenyan residents pertaining to the operations of the project from April 19 to August 8, 2023,” the judge said.

Worldcoin argued that the data it has been collecting will be used to create a unique, secure form of identification.

The Office of Data Protection says that the processing of personal data through Worldcoin project does not adhere to the principles of data protection as set out in section 25 of the Act.

In an affidavit, Deputy Data Commissioner Oscar Otieno said he is satisfied that it is not safe for Kenyans, adding that they are still doing its investigations.

“The Applicant is undertaking investigations in relation to Worldcoin operations in Kenya by the Respondents.

The Worldcoin project, a matter of great public interest, is described by the Respondent on its website as a project ‘aimed at establishing universal access to the global economy regardless of country or background. It is designed to become the world’s largest human identity and financial network, giving ownership to everyone,” reads court papers.

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