Kakuzi Tops Nominee in Kenya Avocado Industry Excellence Awards 2023

Kenyan agricultural firm Kakuzi Plc has been named a top nominee for the Kenya Avocado Industry Excellence Awards 2023.

The Avocado Society of Kenya awards exceptional contributions to the nation’s avocado industry.

The nominations, set for a December 1 ceremony, highlight Kakuzi’s leadership and local efforts to boost Kenya’s avocado production in Africa.

Kenya’s Kakuzi, a prominent agricultural firm, has been recognized for its exceptional services in key categories such as Avocado Person of the Year 2023.

Chris Flowers, Managing Director of Kakuzi Plc, expressed gratitude for the nominations and emphasized their importance in promoting professional growth in the agricultural sector.

The speaker underscored the significance of acknowledging the individuals who are dedicated to ensuring the quality, integrity, and sustainability of locally cultivated avocados.

Mr. Flowers praised Kakuzi’s stakeholders for their dedication to excellence, emphasizing the company’s emphasis on ESG frameworks and climate action initiatives.

The speaker emphasized the necessity of continuous efforts to enhance Kenya’s global position as the fifth-largest producer and exporter of high-quality avocados.

“The nominations alongside our industry peers are a true honor. We actively support and engage in these industry initiatives as part of our corporate pledge to expand the local avocado production and export potential, ” Flowers expressed enthusiasm.

Kakuzi anticipates further growth in avocado sales, especially in European and Chinese markets, with plans to export to Malaysia and India during the upcoming harvest season.

Kakuzi’s nominations highlight Kenya’s commitment to excellence and sustainability, which significantly enhances Kenya’s global avocado market prominence.

NCBA Bank Kenya has been nominated to reflect the diverse landscape of the avocado value chain.

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