Inuka Scholarship Program Extends Scholarship to Needy and Disabled Students in Kenya

Over 650 needy and disabled students have been given a lifeline to pursue higher education at tertiary institutions and universities, thanks to the KPC Foundation’s education scholarship program, ‘Inuka’.

The program, which initially sponsored secondary school students, has now expanded its reach to include students at tertiary levels of education.

The Inuka initiative covers all 47 counties in Kenya, providing educational support to disabled students who have completed their primary and secondary education.

Since its inception in 2017, Inuka has been sponsoring 94 students annually, committing over Ksh.60 million to cover school fees, basic needs, mentoring, psychosocial support, and leadership development.

Joe Sang, the Managing Director of Kenya Pipeline Company, addressed concerns about the quality of graduates entering the workforce during the inaugural Tunza mentorship and career guidance program for learners with disabilities at Reverend Muhoro School for the Deaf.

He emphasized the organization’s responsibility to transform students’ lives and stressed the importance of mentoring students and imparting necessary skills before their transition into the workforce.

Sang highlighted the significant number of graduates entering the Kenyan job market annually and the injustice of neglecting this responsibility, saying that the KPC Foundation is committed to enhancing education and fostering community growth.

According to Sang, the aim is to provide ongoing mentoring and empowerment until these learners are prepared for the workforce.

In 2020, 15 students joined universities out of 87 candidates, followed by 16 out of 97 in 2021, and 4 out of 94 in 2022. This year, over 20 students are set to benefit from the scholarship, joining universities out of 103 candidates.

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