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ICEA report on commercial agriculture

Revenues from commercial agriculture as a proportion to market value of the agricultural sector output fell from twenty seven percent in 2013 to sixteen percent in 2018.

This is according to a report released by ICEA lion group. The report analyzing the commercial agriculture trends since 2013 to 2018 attributes the decline to commercial crop revenue, which halved from twenty eight percent of the market value of crop produced in 2013 to fourteen percent of the market value of crop sector output in 2018.

On the other hand, annual revenues from commercial agriculture rose from three hundred thirty six billion shillings to four hundred ninety eight billion shillings denoting an increase of almost fifty percent.

Among the sectors that did well include horticulture as revenues grew by eighty four percent, tea and coffee combined at thirty five percent while livestock and related products stood at fifty six percent.

This is not withstanding that output in 2017 was impacted by drought.

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