How you become an instant millionaire on Odibets this EPL season

What would you do if you were given one million right now? You would probably buy that car you have always wanted or that house you have always dreamed of, or better invested in a business opportunity that will give you good returns.

Now here is your chance to be an instant millionaire, and It’s as easy as ABC. One of Kenya’s leading betting companies, Odibets, has allowed betting fanatics to win one million shillings by just placing their bets on the Odibets platform.

The “Omoka na EPL” promo will see punters walk away with various prizes just by placing their bets on EPL matches on the Odibets platform. Punters must place a cash bet on at least one or more EPL football games using a stake of Sh49 or more.

After placing their bets, they will automatically enter into the draw, enabling them to win various daily and weekly prizes. Winners will receive various prizes(cash) credited to their OdiBets accounts.

The prizes are as follows:

  • Daily 500 winners of Sh1000 each.
  • Weekly 10 winners of Sh10,000 each.
  • 2 Grand winners of Sh1 million each at the end of the EPL season.

Speaking to journalists during the promo launch, Odibets country marketing manager Aggrey Sayi said the promotion was launched to give back to the firm’s loyal customers who have been through thick and thin.

“We have launched this promo to give back to our loyal customers who have been with us all through. We appreciate them and want them to know that at Odibets, everyone is a winner,” said Aggrey Sayi.

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