Ghanaian Startup Kofa Expands Battery Swapping Network to Kenya

Kofa, a Ghanaian startup specializing in battery network solutions, is set to expand its innovative battery swapping technology to Kenya.

This strategic move follows the successful rollout of its e-motorcycle and battery network in Ghana.

Kofa aims to develop an affordable, customer-focused electricity network powered by portable batteries and renewable energy.

Central to its innovation is the Kore2 battery system, a high-capacity, multi-use battery that supports a wide range of applications. The company’s battery swapping network is designed to provide cost-effective and sustainable energy solutions, outperforming petrol by at least 30%.

“Kofa’s core innovation lies in providing high-performance power through its batteries, which are not only cost-effective but also versatile in their applications,” said Erik Nygard Kofa’s Chief Executive Officer.

The startup’s charging and battery swap network is rapidly expanding across Ghana and is expected to support over 100,000 battery swaps annually. This network facilitates a seamless transition to clean energy for a diverse range of users.

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Kofa has partnered with TAIL-G, an internationally recognized e-motorcycle manufacturer, to create the Jidi e-motorcycle, specifically designed for the African market.

Equipped with the Kore2 battery, the Jidi e-motorcycle boasts a range of over 100km, addressing the region’s mobility needs with a sustainable solution.

Apart from Kenya the company also intends to expand its operations to Togo. Kofa’s growth has been fueled by seed funding from the Shell Foundation, supported by the UK’s FCDO, Wangara Green Ventures, and Mercy Corps Ventures.

Since its inception in 2021, Kofa has been operational in Ghana, initially deploying the Volta motorcycle.

The startup used the deployment of 40 motorcycles in Accra to gather market insights. The second-generation Jidi e-motorcycle, introduced in January, has led to the installation of over 10 charging stations, 500 Kore2 batteries, and 150 Jidis.

With 7,000 more bikes in the pipeline, Kofa plans to operate across four Ghanaian cities.

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