Lobby group tables proposals to have Kenyans enjoy free internet

Proposals have been tabled by the Consumers Federation of Kenya (COFEK) to have Kenyans enjoy free internet.

this, COFEX suggests an imposition of Value Added Tax (VAT) on products and services sold through internet.

 “Ideally, the internet should be made free so that it becomes a platform for enabling and unlocking the huge potential of multi-billion e-commerce. Government can then raise more resources with VAT on products, services, and products sold through the internet,” said COFEK said.

Additional Proposals

COFEK also wants the government to enact a plastic packaging tax, which would penalize companies that utilize plastics in their packaging.

 “Funds to go towards a green fund to tackle the plastic waste menace, support recycling, circular economy, this can be charged on every bottle/tin; or manufacturers importing or using more than a top of plastic packaging to pay a defined levy,” the statement read in part.

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