Electricity price up by Ksh.7.09 per unit amid weakening shilling

The cost of electricity has risen for the second month in a row adding more pain to an ever rising high cost of living.

The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) on Friday increased the fuel and foreign exchange components of the power bill.

Fuel Cost Charge will increase to Ksh.7.09 per unit of electricity consumed this month from Ksh.6.79 last month, while the Foreign Exchange Fluctuation Adjustment will increase to Ksh.1.48 per unit from Ksh.1.37 in September.

The rise in price comes against the backdrop of weakening shilling, which is currently trading 121.19 per US dollar.

This further burdens Kenyans, who are already saddled by the high cost of living, with inflation at an all-record high.

Lawrence Baraza

Lawrence Baraza is a prolific writer with competencies in Digital Media, Print, and Broadcast. Baraza is also a Communication Practitioner currently spearheading Digital content on Metropol TV's Digital Desk.

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