DCI summons Chinese contractors for frustrating President Kenyatta’s Ksh.1.3 billion Nyanza project

Two Chinese construction firms undertaking national government water flagship projects have been ordered to appear before the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) for undermining government efforts to provide the locals with clean, potable water.

The project is being undertaken in Siaya County.

Nyanza regional commissioner, Magu Mutindika said the chief executive officers of M/s Shanxi Geological Engineering Exploration Institute and M/s Zhongmei Engineering Group Limited will have to explain why they have ignored instructions from government officials to perform their contractual obligations despite the extension of the contracts on several occasions.

“He has not achieved the target and has only managed 1,200 households and has persistently ignored instructions from the resident engineer” lamented Mutindika.

The multi-billion shilling presidential projects; Siaya – Bondo water project’s last mile connectivity and Ugunja – Sega – Ukwala water project, are supposed to be commissioned by President Uhuru Kenyatta before leaving the office.

In the case of the Siaya – Bondo water project’s last mile connectivity, the contractor was supposed to have laid 80 kilometres of pipes and connected 3,000 households with water by the end of December last year.

Presidential Delivery Unit directors, Jared Buoga, Tuta and Sylvance Osele shrugged claims by  M/s Zhongmei Engineering group Limited that the government was owing him money.

“The contractor claims that there is non payment which is not true. The issue if lack of capacity on the part of contractor.”

He ordered the management of the Lake Victoria water works development agency and the central rift valley water works development agency to post officials in the two projects who will oversee operations to ensure that they are completed by the end of June, 2022 to await commissioning.

The Siaya – Bondo last mile connectivity project will cost Ksh.265 million when complete while the Ugunja – Sega – Ukwala water project will cost Kshs.1 billion.

Both projects are funded by the Africa Development Bank (AfDB).

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