President Kenyatta gives Akorino over Ksh.100 million in marking 100yrs of existence

President Uhuru Kenyatta gifted the Akorono faithfuls Ksh.1oo million Sunday when they marked 100 years of existence in Kenya.

This included a five-acre piece of land in Naivasha where it will build its general council headquarters.

It was a celebratory gesture by the President, in what could be termed as a sign to woo the 1.5 million faithfuls to back Azimio La Umoja presidential candidate Raila Odinga.

He also dished out Ksh.10 million on behalf of his family to support the church’s operations as well as Ksh.1 million for purchase of books and magazines detailing Akorino history.

“You’ve walked with me and supported me and I assure you that we will continue working together,” said the President.

Akorino Governing Council National Vice-Chairperson, Rev Dr. Sammy Thiong’o said they will stand firm in preaching the gospel of liberation to ensure their voice is heard in the fight against corruption.

“You are the only President who has worked more closely with the Akorino church. We are confident you have done your part and pray that God will give us a leader who fears God and will deliver us from yokes of corruption. You have walked with us during your tenure as President. Continue walking with us even in your retirement,” he said.

Akorino Appointment To State Jobs

Akorino Secretary-General Reverend Abraham Macharia was appointed as a board member of the Postal Corporation of Kenya.

Other church members who have landed public service jobs are David Kiarie Mburu, who was appointed chairperson of the Kenya Tea Development Agency, Samuel Mwangi, the chairperson of the National Water Harvesting and Storage Authority and Eunice Njeri at the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC).

Odinga, present during the convention, pledged to continue the faithfuls’ journey if he ascends to power.

“We are together with the Akurinu. We thank President Kenyatta for standing with you. You are important members of the community.  I am here with Martha Karua Karua. They said I will not climb the mountain but I am here with a tractor and Ms Karua. It will be possible,” said Odinga.

Even though he did not disclose when, the President said he would visit the Mountain soon for a political rally to drum up support for Odinga.

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