BAT Kenya Advocates for Sustainable Regulation on World Vape Day

To commemorate World Vape Day and in anticipation of World No Tobacco Day, BAT Kenya is urging for the establishment of effective regulations concerning smokeless nicotine and tobacco products.

With the goal of creating a smoke-free Kenya, the company emphasizes the importance of encouraging adult smokers to transition to reduced-risk alternatives.

Despite ongoing efforts to curb smoking globally, over 1 billion individuals continue to smoke, facing significant health risks.

Decrease in Smoking-Related Illnesses

BAT Kenya highlights the potential for a substantial decrease in smoking-related illnesses if smokers were to exclusively adopt reduced-risk alternatives.

In order to harness the public health benefits offered by smokeless products, BAT stresses the necessity of appropriate regulations.

These regulations, according to BAT, should promote adult smoker migration to safer options, prevent underage access, maintain product authenticity, and ensure stringent safety standards are upheld.

“smokeless alternatives to cigarettes, including vapour products and nicotine pouches, are key to supporting the Government’s public health agenda.

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The migration of smokers to these alternatives is crucial both for countries looking to reduce their smoking rates and for global public health more broadly,” said Okola.

Risk of Smokeless Products

Dispelling misconceptions surrounding the risk of smokeless products compared to traditional smoking, BAT reiterates its commitment to preventing underage usage.

The company enforces strict guidelines to prevent underage sales and conducts market research exclusively on adult nicotine consumers.

The company’s dedication is exemplified by its global presence and commitment to promoting safer alternatives, including in Kenya.

As the world recognizes World Vape Day and prepares for World No Tobacco Day, BAT Kenya’s advocacy for responsible regulation is driven by science-backed harm reduction practices and dedication to public health.

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