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Uganda: Speaker raises concern on rising fuel prices, school fees

Ugandan Parliament has asked the Government to present efforts to combat the rising prices of fuel that have rocked the country in the past week.

Speaker, Anita Among, said whereas inflation had been contained, there are worrying signs with the escalation of fuel prices, which she said has the effect of causing general commodities inflation.

In the last few weeks, we have witnessed a spike in the pump price of fuel; this poses a risk of cost-push inflation which will inevitably erode the disposable income of the population.

“I urge the executive to urgently address the situation and update the House on action taken,” she added.

At the beginning of this year, petrol and diesel prices had spiked, reaching highs of Shs7000 per litre, which Government successfully contained, bringing down general inflation in the country.

With the recent rise in the pump prices, MPs are concerned that inflation could be on the rise again.

The Speaker also raised concerns on the delayed introduction of regulations to contain hiking of school fees, which she said makes parents vulnerable to capricious school cartels.

“We have talked about issues of school fees in this House because there are schools that are exploiting parents; we need the regulations in this House so that our parents are not exploited; how can we fund government aided schools yet they are the ones charging the highest amount of money,” she said.

MP Sarah Opendi (NRM, Tororo) said the delay to standardize school fees charges by Government allows schools to fleece parents.

“It is over a year since I presented a motion on school fees and it was before the Committee on Education; let the Committee on Education conclude on that motion so that we can effectively discuss and come up with resolutions,” she said.

Speaker Among cautioned parents against lethargic parenting, saying it is responsible for growing vices amongst youngsters.

“In order for us to protect the foundation of family values, I want to urge parents to actively shape the behavior [and] character of those children by doing effective parenting,” she said.

She added: “Most of the time, the children are at school and the teachers do the parenting; now that the children are back home, parents should take responsibility to avoid the issue of drugs, [and] homosexuality.”

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