Stivo simple boy Reveals how He surprised his parents after payment by Odibets

Stivo simple boy has disclosed the highest amount of money he has received for a performance or a gig he has executed.  

Speaking during an interview, Stivo simple boy revealed that he was paid half a million by Odibets, one of the leading betting firms in Kenya. 

The musician added that he used the money he was paid to build a house for his parents. 

“I was paid 500k by Odibets. I used that money to build a house for my parents,” he stated. 

Nine months ago, Odibets featured the “Mihadarati” singer in their advert as they popularised their Cash out feature. 

The advert sent social media into a frenzy with netizens praising Stivo Simple Boy for bouncing back despite the trolls he received when he joined the entertainment industry.

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The video starts with Stivo Simple Boy inside a Matatu with the conductor collecting fare from other passengers. 

While the conductor is engaged in a conversation with other passengers, Stivo simple boy is seen gazing at his phone as he follows a football match with ‘cash out’ feature displayed. 

He suddenly says, ‘kateam kanamalizwa, shukisha before he alights from the matatu.’ 

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