Shilling Gains 1% Against Dollar to Open Week at 131 Units

The Kenya Shilling kicked off the week with a 1% gain against the US Dollar, at 130.4 units.

The local currency has been on a continued winning streak against the greenback since February.

This follows Kenya’s successfull returned to the international market with a $2 billion bond auction.

Data from the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) indicates the shilling retailed at 131.8 units at the close of last week on Friday – April 4, 2024.

It exchanged at Ksh.131.17 per US dollar on April 4 compared to Ksh.131.80 per US dollar on March 28.

The usable foreign exchange reserves remained adequate at USD 7,148 million (3.8 months of import cover) as of April 4.

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This meets the CBK’s statutory requirement to endeavor to maintain at least 4 months of import cover.

Kenya’s Stock Market Undervalued

Despite being the poorest performers in 2023, Kenyan stocks have experienced a remarkable turnaround, emerging as the top performers in 2024.

The Nairobi All-share stock index has surged by an impressive 49% when measured in dollars.

It has bounced back from a drastic 43% decline in 2023, reaching levels not seen since 2011.

Emily Fletcher, co-manager of the BlackRock Frontiers Investment Trust, attributes this resurgence to shifts in Kenya’s economic policy.

“With a stable political backdrop, improving macroeconomic outlook and a stock market trading on five times PE, perhaps it is time for investors to re-look at the market,” Fletcher was quoted by Bloomberg in an interview.

Shilling Gains 1% Against Dollar to Open Week at 131 Units
A screengrab of Kenyas stock market chart on Nairobi Securities Exchange
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