Movement for Democracy and Growth (MDG) Party Launches Nationwide Membership Drive Ahead of 2027 General Election

In a strategic move gearing up for the 2027 General Election, the Movement for Democracy and Growth Party (MDG) has initiated an aggressive countrywide membership recruitment campaign.

Led by Party Leader and Ugenya MP David Ochieng, the MDG aims to mobilize support and strengthen its presence across Kenya in preparation for the upcoming polls.

The activities will commence this weekend in western Kenya, with delegates’ conventions scheduled to take place in Siaya County on Friday, June 14, followed by Kakamega on Monday, June 17.

Movement for Democracy and Growth (MDG) Party Launches Nationwide Membership Drive Ahead of 2027 General Election
MDG party leader and Ugenya MP David Ochieng at a past public rally

These gatherings will mark the beginning of a series of branch elections and extensive recruitment drives orchestrated by the party to bolster its ranks and broaden its reach in anticipation of the election.

“We intend to form the next government,” said MDG’s boss David Ochieng.

He said MDG is determined to make a significant impact in the political landscape of the country.

With a clear vision of leadership in mind, the MDG is strategically positioning itself to compete on a national level and potentially secure a prominent role in shaping Kenya’s future governance.

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As part of its mobilization strategy, the party plans to extend its outreach efforts to encompass at least nine counties in the initial phase of the programme within the western region.

This comprehensive approach reflects the MDG’s commitment to engaging with diverse communities and constituencies as it strives to cultivate a broad support base leading up to the 2027 elections.

The MDG’s nationwide membership drive signals a proactive step towards building momentum and momentum towards achieving its electoral objectives.

By focusing on grassroots engagement, branch empowerment, and strategic recruitment initiatives, the party leader – Ochieng is laying a solid foundation for a competitive and dynamic presence in the political arena as the country progresses towards the 2027 General Election.

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