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Mauritania Signs $289 Million Energy Projects With AfDB

Mauritania has signed energy projects with the Africa Development Bank (AfDB) totalling $289.5 million.

The agreements, signed by Mauritania’s Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, Abdessalam Mohamed Saleh will fund two major energy projects in the country.

A Boost for Solar Power and Rural Electrification

The financing, comprising both loans and grants, will be used to implement the 225 Kv Mauritania-Mali electricity interconnection and associated solar power plants development project (PIEMM), and the project to strengthen productive and energy investments for the sustainable development of rural areas (RIMDIR).

“The government has drawn up ambitious programs seeking to guarantee access to electricity for all citizens by 2030. This requires the optimal exploitation of the energy sources available in the country, to which this financing from the African Development Bank will contribute,” said Saleh.

Paving the Way for Mauritania’s Energy Transition

The first project, PIEMM, involves building a 225 kV electricity interconnection to link Mauritania to Mali as part of the Desert to Power Initiative.

The program aims to develop solar power plants and establish a 1,373-kilometer high-voltage power line, with a transit capacity of 600 megawatts (MW) between the two countries.

The medium- and long-term objectives are to boost solar energy production and provide universal access to electricity in both countries.

The second project, RIMDIR, is a $16 million grant from the Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa (SEFA) and concerns rural electrification for 40 localities in south-eastern Mauritania.

It involves the installation of hybrid mini photovoltaic power plants and the construction of connecting lines to link the power plants to the villages, in the form of a public-private partnership (PPP).

The project will also support value-creating activities, notably in the food cold chain (meat, milk, and vegetables) and agri-food processing.

Malinne Blomberg, the African Development Bank’s Deputy Managing Director for North Africa, said the financing paves way “for Mauritania’s energy transition. The two projects will improve people’s daily lives with new opportunities for green growth, sustainable investment, and jobs. They attest to the excellence of our relations with Mauritania, which they help to strengthen.”

The African Development Bank has been active in Mauritania for over fifty years in various strategic development sectors, including agriculture, governance, water and sanitation, energy, mining, private sector, transport, and social.

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