KPC Foundation Enhances Healthcare Access for Nkuene Ward Residents With Ksh.6.5 Million Facility

Residents of Nkuene Ward in Meru County now have a reason to smile as they have gained easier access to healthcare services with the commissioning of a state-of-the-art healthcare facility by the KPC Foundation.

The new facility, costing Ksh.6.5 million, is set to cater to the healthcare needs of the 58,000 members of the Nkuene Ward community, bringing quality medical services closer to their doorsteps.

“Many Kenyans cannot afford quality healthcare services, and that is why KPC Foundation is taking deliberate steps to advance healthcare delivery at the community level.

Quality Healthcare Coverage

Only about 20% of Kenyans have access to medical covers leaving the majority excluded from quality healthcare coverage. Consequently, most Kenyans spend a huge amount of their income on health,” said Mr. Joe Sang, the Managing Director of KPC,

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This initiative by the KPC Foundation seeks to bridge the gap and improve healthcare delivery at the grassroots level, where the majority of Kenyans currently lack adequate access to essential medical care.

In collaboration with the Agha Khan Hospital, the KPC Foundation organized a two-day free medical camp at the newly unveiled dispensary, marking the 14th such camp conducted by the Foundation since its inception.

“We appreciate the KPC Foundation for the commissioning of this facility which will be of great benefit to this community. This facility will help reduce the distance the locals travel to access essential medical services,” said Martin Makasi, the Nkuene Ward MCA,

Equipped with modern medical infrastructure, diagnostic equipment, consultation rooms, and specialized treatment areas, the state-of-the-art healthcare facility stands as a beacon of hope for Nkuene Ward residents.

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