How to stay younger than your age

There is no way to stop the hands of time and prevent the aging process from actually happening. However, humankind has a biological age that reflects how old our body really is.

Aging depends on the relationship between our genes, lifestyle and living conditions. Just the other day, I was having a discussion with a co-worker on things to do in your 30s as a woman to stay younger. Here are a few biological tips to help improve longevity and even look much younger than you are.

Be Positive and eat well.

Look at what you are eating is a form of self-care.

Have a healthy plant rich dietary pattern that helps with the reduction of heart diseases, type 2 diabetes and some cancers as well as death from all causes. Every time you remind yourself why you are doing this, it will help you gain discipline on which foods you consume.

When we talk about good food, it includes vegetables, whole grain, lean meat, and lower dairy products.

What is life without money?

You necessarily do not have to have a lot of money to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Sparing time for a gym, for example, can add up to a healthier diet.

Sleep well & Take up a hobby or language

Some experts opine that five to six hours are better placed time to have enough time to rest your body. According to mayo clinic, seven or more hours a night is ideal for an adult. It is believed the more you get old the less you sleep.

Taking up a new hobby can also contribute to healthy aging, which requires mental as well as physical activities. For example, you can learn a new language as a hobby.

Did you know that learning a second language could boost neuron activity in the brain and keep you mentally sharp? Keep yourself busy; if you are a smoker, try to avoid it to a 300ml glass of healthy smoothies. Bit by bit you will change your bad behaviours to healthier ones.

Exercise like there is no tomorrow

Out of 4 – 5 days of exercise, one day should be high intensity workout that should be a 95 percent peak heart rate according to Mayo clinic.

Two or three days should make you sweat and one can be less strenuous such as running or even substitute it with 30 minutes of walking.

Generally, exercise lowers blood pressure and reduces the risk of obesity diabetes and heart disease. Working out should be like brushing teeth, says Professor Benjamin, who holds a professorship in exercise science at the University of Texas.

Looking after your skin is necessary

According to Dr. Bav Shergill who is a British and a certified dermatosis, aging in the face follows a pattern.

The first part to form wrinkles is where your face folds. This happens when the face loses volume and the folds are permanent and cheeks shrink a bit.

This happens mostly when a woman loses elastin and tends to look more tired. Who in the world would not mind being older but not looking tired?

Habits like smoking damage the skin even more. Avoid sun damage by applying sunscreen every day. Applying sunscreen should not be only important when it is sunny but rather during all weather patterns.

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