How to bypass NTSA services while facing access challenges

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) website has been experiencing errors for days after the authrity unveiled a vehicle inspection portal.

The errors have stayed for almost one week now, impeding crucial services for millions of Kenyans.

On different occasions, the message reflected would indicate a user is either disabled or not valid to access the site. This would mean one is not duly registered to access its services ranging from car licensing and obtaining drivers license.

“I am not able to access anything… it shows the attached error message.

“Still trying to changes password it doesn’t enable the entire process to completion said one Kenyan on Twitter.” lamented two Kenyans on Twitter. reached out to NTSA to sought clarification, stating that there are two services that are currently being accessed on the site.

According to NTSA, the website for driving licenses (DL) was the one with issues with access if done via ordinary portal but can be accessed through TIMS VIRL.

The DL portal is a new version on authority’s website away from the old one which is specifically for vehicle registration. 

How To Bypass Error

The authority has shared guidelines should anyone fail to access the two sites completely. According to NTSA, one will be required to log in to its online page.

After checking into the site a dialogue box will show up asking you to chose preferred service portal then you will be asked to click on “forgot password”. You will be directed to “forgot password” dialogue box, then will be prompted to set new one.

After setting password, you will be prompted to login to your account.

The authority unveiled a vehicle inspection service on its portal after it published proposed fees for all motorists who own vehicles older than four years since their assembly date.

The new measures came into force after President Uhuru Kenyatta on June 22, assented to the Traffic Amendment Bill 2021 to streamline traffic laws including penalties for lawbreakers.

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